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The tale and history of Persian cuisine

Persian cuisine has been flourishing in the world as one of the greatest gastronomies that date back from the Persian empire (550 BC to 330 BC) till modern-day Iraq with parts of Saudi Arabia and Central Asia. The cuisine is quite complex, diverse in flavours and aroma with highly integrated culinary techniques. Ingredients such as rose petals, bread, saffron, turmeric, almonds, nuts, pomegranate form the bases of authentic dishes from the region. While the ingredients might sound familiar, it’s all thanks to the co-axial integration of cultures influenced by northern India, Turkish cuisines, middle eastern cuisines, and more.

Persian cuisine screams dishes such as Kebabs, Koftas, and more. But there’s more to that than you might think. Dishes such as Kufte Parsi, Halim Bademjan, Hummus, Kashk-e-Bademjan, Muhamara, and more resonate the culinary artistry of Persian cuisine and brings about the deep flavours and textures of each ingredient incorporated in its preparation. Especially during Nowruz (the beginning of the Persian new year which has been celebrated for more than 3000 years) where such dishes are prepared extensively.

Shabestan happens to be the forefront of fine dining Persian cuisine that resonates with the Persian culture extensively. Right from the décor to the celebration of every Persian festival, the culture of Persia can truly be felt. Enjoy the best of Persia through the dishes of Zeytoon Parvardeh, Shandiz, Kebab Barg, Chicken Masti, Bakhtari Beef, Sabzi Kebab and more are curated by Head Chef Hamid Hosseini who is backed with years of excellence and training in the artistry of Persian cooking and techniques.

For those that are waiting to try out Middle-eastern hand-crafted dishes, dine-in is now open. But if one wishes to enjoy Persian delicacies from the comfort of your home? Shabestan delivery continues through, islandwide delivery (min. $30 order). Free delivery above $100

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