Shabestan presents the true taste of Persia at Singapore's riverfront district, Robertson Quay.  Experience Persia's warm hospitality, culture and food at a modern fine dining ambience. 

Combining premium halal lamb, beef, chicken, fish with Persian's finest ingredients like saffron, olive oil, pomegranates, prunes, raisins, and nuts.  We curate refined Persian dishes on our menu. Our goal is to introduce Persian cuisine and culture to more people in Singapore and globally. What could be a better way than through food?



Dine in our 3200 square feet restaurant and feel the magic of 1001 Arabian night ambience. Our indoor main dining area is where you can see our kitchen team preparing your food freshly. If you prefer to dine outside, there are several choices for you to choose from. The semi-alfresco area is nicely shaded, the outdoor area by the river is lively and romantic. We have a large rustic dining table by the river too, nice and quiet for a family dinner for eight (8). The bar area is intimate, with eight bar seating. For a 'Royal-fell', our Private Dining area fits twenty-six (26) guests with long and grand dining set up. Speak to us to find out more about private dining area. 


"Speaking of under-rated restaurants, I wonder why more people are not beating down the doors of Shabestan, a Persian restaurant in Robertson Quay. The two times I was there, once at lunch and another at dinner, the restaurant had tables to spare.

It did not inspire confidence, but I had excellent meals both times.

A good way to start is with the Appetiser Platter ($35), a selection of five dips served with Iranian flatbread. All of them are delicious, but two stand out: Muhamara ($14 on its own), made with ground-up walnuts, pomegranate molasses, breadcrumbs, roasted bell peppers and spices; and Homemade Cheese ($14 on its own), a tangy, creamy concoction that I keep going back to with pieces of warm flatbread."

The Pier @ Robertson
80 Mohamed Sultan Road
#01-13, Singapore 239013