Award-winning Persian restaurant - Robertson Quay, Singapore



The Hero behind the magic of the Persian cuisine at Shabestan is Hamid Hosseini. Born in Tehran (Iran), his brother and himself were born with the skills for cooking and helping out their mother in the kitchen from a young age. They were accustomed to family gatherings where conversations took place with cups of tea, sweets, or meals at an early age. Keeping his mother as role Chef Hamid pursued cooking traditional Persian dishes. The skill as he says is to incorporate the best of ingredients and herbs in his cooking. Little did he know that his fascination for cooking further continued that leading him to graduate on top of his class from Payame Noor University. Rising high with a plethora of experience by working in several Persian kitchens in Tehran, haute – cuisine kitchen in Dubai to Persian kitchens in Kuala Lumpur.

"Knowledge is the key" is what the chef believes and "experience is the use of that knowledge." Making his culture proud Chef, Hamid wants to heighten the stature of Persian cuisine. Not only did his experience in cooking authentic Persian meals bring him to cook the best Persian food in Singapore but at the same time, he utilized the freshest of Persian ingredients, high-quality herbs, and spices, to revolutionize the New Persian cuisine globally.



Madan joined the Shabestan family in 2016 as Corporate Food and Beverage Director. With nineteen (19) years of experience working in restaurants & bars to luxurious 5-star deluxe hotels across the world, he brought fresh ideas to Shabestan. He elevated Shabestan's guest experience to a new level as he believes that all guests deserve a royalty treatment. His passion for Persian, Middle-eastern cuisines and cultures drives his ambition to makes it accessible for everyone.

The Pier @ Robertson
80 Mohamed Sultan Road
#01-13, Singapore 239013