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Persian Festive Menu at Shabestan Singapore

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Looking for an alternative festive dining experience in Singapore? The culinary team at Shabestan Singapore has created a limited time only menu focused on Persian classic dishes that deliver festive flavours.

From 25th - 31st December 2021, Executive Chef Hany Moustafa has prepared a sumptuous Persian Festive Menu at Shabestan Singapore.

Priced at $88++, this 5-course dinner features Persian festive recipes that hit the right notes this holiday season.

SALAD-EH ADAS [Beetroot Salad with Lentils]

A hearty salad served on festive occasions filled with fresh beetroot, lentils, eggs, topped with Persian spice Golpar which is Persian Hogwood.

SAMBUSEH [Persian Samosas]

Flaky Persian Samosas filled with lentils, potatoes, nigella seeds and Persian spices paired with our classic garlic yoghurt sauce.

SHIRIN POLO [Persian “Jeweled” Rice]

Shirin polo, also commonly known as Persian wedding rice or Rosh Hashanah rice, is a traditional Persian rice pilaf that is commonly served to mark special occasions. This dish is slightly sweet in flavours with onions, carrots and nuts.

KHORESHT-E KADOO TANBAL [Pumpkin and Lamb Stew]

Made with pumpkin for sweetness, Executive Chef Hany Moustafa marinates the lamb before slow cooking it for 3 hours. This is a rich stew of seared lamb with tender chunks of pumpkin cooked in a tomato-based sauce.


3 layer Cheesecake made in house with fresh pomegranate. Executive Chef Hany Moustafa wanted to bring the colours of this festive season to life. With a base made of crushed biscuits, a milk-based centre and a cream cheese top, Chef has also made a pomegranate sauce that completes his creation.

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