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Middle Eastern Restaurant in Singapore, Shabestan, Presents their "Eyd e Shoma Mobarak" Menu

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

From 20th July - 25th July 2021, the culinary team at Shabestan has curated a 6-course "Eyd e Shoma Mobarak" menu available for dinner.

Priced at $136++ for 2 to dine, this 6-course menu starts with a soup, an appetiser, a salad, Shabestan's popular charcoal grilled kebabs, a Persian Stew of your choice and ends with a dessert.

1st Course: Shorbat Adas Soup (Gluten-Free)

Yellow Lentil Soup with Homemade Crackers and Fresh Lemon🅥

2nd Course: An Appetiser of your choice served with freshly baked Persian bread

Hummus 🅥(Gluten-Free) , Kashk-E-Bademjan🅥(Gluten-Free) , Muhamara 🅥, Homemade Cheese 🅥(Gluten-Free)

3rd Course: A Salad of your choice

Tabouli Salad 🅥 / Shirazi Salad 🅥(Gluten-Free) / Zeyton Parvadeh 🅥(Gluten-Free)

4th Course: A Charcoal Grilled Kebab of your choice (Gluten-Free)

Lamb Kubideh / Chicken Kubideh / Jujeh Saffroni / Chicken Masti / Fish Kebab / Prawn Kebab

5th Course: A Persian Stew served with Basmati Rice or Adas Polo (Gluten-Free)

Ghormeh Sabzi / Khorosht Gheymeh (NEW) / Khoreh-E -Ghureh-O-Bademjan🅥

6th Course: Dessert

Fresh Mango Pudding 🅥

Reservations can be made online or by calling 6836 1270.


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