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A Middle Eastern Valentine’s Dinner at Shabestan Singapore

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

From 12th - 14th February, award winning Middle Eastern Restaurant in Singapore, Shabestan has curated a 4-course Valentine’s Dinner Menu from $88++ per person.

Celebrating love on a special day has deep roots in Iran which dates back to the Achaemenid Empire, the first Persian Empire. Sepandarmazgan or Espandegan is the name of this ancient Iranian day of love and women.

At Shabestan, celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 with a toast of our Love Potion, which is a glass of Cranberry, Pineapple and Lime Juice topped with Prosecco.

Begin your meal with Garden of Eden, a salad made with Arugula, Cherry Tomatoes, Sliced Cucumber, Black Zeytoon tossed lightly with Pomegranate Lemon dressing sprinkled with Walnuts and Fresh Pomegranates.

Sip on some Tureen of Love, a Cream of Beetroot Soup with Thin “Petals” of Beetroot.

Choose between Shabestan’s Bakhtiari Platter, Beef or Lamb Bakhtiari with Chicken Shish Kebab and Traditional Sumac or Jewel of the Sea, Charcoal Grilled King Prawns and Sea bass Kebab marinated with Saffron. Both the mains are served with Persian Saffron Rice.

End your Valentine’s Dinner on a sweet note with a Persian Muhalabieh made specially by Executive Chef Hany Mustafa for Valentine’s Day. It is a traditional milk pudding dressed with strawberry coulis with crushed pistachios.

No meal at Shabestan is complete without a selection of Coffee or Tea with an additional heart shaped praline just for Valentine’s Day.

For reservations, call +65 6836 1270 or book online via


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