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Shab-E Yalda Eve

Christmas isn’t the only festivities to celebrate this December but indulge yourself with the festival of “Shab-E Yalda Eve” with the finest Persian restaurant that Singapore has to offer, “Shabestan.” Immerse yourself in the true spirit of celebrating the longest and darkest night of the Iranian year on Saturday, 21 December 2019. The festivities comprise of the best of Iranian dishes complemented with live and energetic belly dancing performance’s and sing along to hymns of traditional Iranian music all for $75++ per person.

What can customers expect from “Shab-E Yalda Eve?”

“Shab-E Yalda Eve” is considered to be one of the most auspicious and longest nights of the Iranian calendar. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, Shabestan has curated a buffet menu that would certainly give you the essence of Iranian cuisine in Singapore. The buffet comprises of some of the best Iranian delicacies such as Hummus, Kah-e-bademjan, Lubia Polo, Lamb Kubideh, fish Mahi kebabs, Beef Kabab Torsh, and much more. Along with food and drinks, there are live belly dancing performances with music and an Iranian themed dining experience to elevate the experience of “Shab-E Yalda Eve.”

About Shabestan.

Shabestan is an award-winning Persian restaurant located in the heart of Singapore. It offers some of the best Persian dishes with warm hospitality complimented with a fine dining ambiance. Combining premium ingredients such as raisins, saffron, halal lamb, chicken, and fish to its extensive and refined Persian menu, it aims to introduce the Persian cuisine and culture to a greater audience in Singapore.

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