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Nowruz - Persian New year / Fund-raising evening for Iran

The Persian new year A.K.A “Nowruz” is a highly celebrated occasion in Iran and Shabestan. However with the Covid-19 pandemic situation, we are celebrating this year's Norwuz in a different way. The celebration dinner continues with a fund-raising evening for Iran to help friends and family during Covid-19 pandemic.

The Persian new year marks the end of the old year and kickstarts the new year, where people celebrate this occasion. This year, at Shabestan we hope to celebrate Nowruz as an intimate way and lift people spirit during this crisis period.

Sharing a true culture of Persia through music, and authentic Persian delicacies buffet.

Not only this but this, Shabestan is proud to present their Nowruz celebrations as part of the World Gourmet Summit 2020, acclaimed as “One of the best “big six” global gourmet events” by The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia and numerous awards wining from IFEA/Hass & Wilkerson Pinnacle Awards.

Our Senior Executive Chef, Hamid Hossein curated a special Nowruz menu that with an authentic Persian buffet comprising of dishes such as Mirza Ghassemi, Dolma, Salad Shirazi, Fish kebabs, lamb Koobideh, Beef Tekkeh Masti, Fresh Macadamia Brownie, Home-made Persian Baklava and much more. An assortment of drinks as well that include soft drinks, lime juice and fruit punch to compliment the flavours of the buffet.

Along with the assortment of delicacies to offer, enjoy a night filled with entertainment and dance with music played none other than DeeJay X.G.

Day / Date: Friday, 20 March 2020

Time: From 7 - 10pm

Tickets are available on the link below:

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