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Celebrating December, the Persian way

With the arrival of Christmas, December is filled with celebrations and festivities, and the same reflects at Shabestan.

What does December mean for the culture of Persia?

Christmas is the festival that is celebrated throughout the world. But in the culture of Persia, December is the time where “Yalda night” is celebrated. Further described by our Iranian head chef, Hamid Hosseini, It’s not just a festival but much more than that.

Often, during the fall/winter, not many people are in the festive spirit. It’s that time of the year where people become lazy or have a low mood. But “Yalda night” is one such night which happens to be the longest night in the Persian calendar where his family and friends get together and enjoy the night by singing traditional Iranian poems, share classic Persian stories and indulge themselves in the traditional cuisine of Persia.

Everyone is excited about the festival as there are an array of exotic Persian dishes along with fruits and different beverages where everyone sits together to begin feasting on the delicacies. it’s a fun filled atmosphere that certainly uplifts the spirit of the festival. Persians are keen on celebrated the international new year but have their own new year called “Nowruz” which is celebrated on 20th of March 2020.

About Shabestan

Shabestan is an authentic Persian restaurant leading the way in providing the best of the Persian cuisine with a hint of modern ambience and filled with warm hospitality services to give the people of Singapore the essence of what the culture and cuisine of Persia have to offer.

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